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It is important that we continue to promote Dispatches from the People's War in Nepal. Through these efforts and getting out Li Onesto's continuing analysis of the situation in Nepal, we contribute to truly bringing the voice of the People's War in Nepal to people in the United States, and in doing so counter the barrage of negative and inaccurate media on the situation there that is put forward as the truth. As we continue to promote this book, we would like to have a range of perspectives on it to present to academics, journalists, students, activists, book clubs, etc. To give them an idea of why they might want to read this book, promote it on their radio show, review it for a newspaper, or bring it into the classroom. Comments from those who have read the book, or been part of its promotion would be helpful in continuing this work. We are now soliciting online submissions, of such comments and review. And we would welcome all to contribute. We appreciate your time and efforts in helping to promote Dispatches From the People's War in Nepal by Li Onesto.

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